Giardien | Was ist das überhaupt ?

Giardia | What is that ?

Giardia are unicellular parasites that attach themselves to the inside of the intestine.
They belong to the group of protozoa. Giardia infection can
lead to loose stools, diarrhea or even vomiting in dogs and cats.

Giardia can also migrate in the intestinal area (e.g. bile).
Giardia can be detected with a quick test.
For this purpose, 3 consecutive stool samples are preferred.

Instead of a faecal examination, a natural remedy against protozoa can also be used
be applied. Here, the giardia are bound to a clay liquid
and transported out of the intestine.

Since infection with Giardia can happen very easily, it is advisable to have a
good hygiene (there are special disinfectants) and avoiding contact with infected dogs.
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