Ratgeber | Ist ein "billiges" Futter wirklich günstiger?

Guide | Is a "cheap" feed really cheaper?

"Is cheap food really cheaper?

It has become a real jungle and more and more products are appearing in the "pet food" market.

The prices are also very different here. Many brands attract with beautiful packaging or a very reasonable price

In order to be able to judge a feed correctly, it is important to pay attention to the composition.

Depending on the raw materials used, energy content, other health-preserving ingredients, a more precise picture emerges .

The composition in connection with the digestibility can result in different daily amounts and these can vary up to 5 times depending on the feed.

It is therefore not useful to compare package prices,

but to calculate the costs for his animal based on the recommended amount of the respective feed and the needs of the respective animal.

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