Ratgeber | Ist Trockenfutter für Katzen schädlich?

Guide | Is Dry Food Harmful to Cats?

When feeding cats (as in many other areas) you have to basically
Pay attention to the quality of the feed.

Simple, low-meat types of food, which may even contain soy meal (vegetable protein extracts) or coloring and artificial preservatives, are certainly not suitable for your cats in the long term.

But there is another way:

High-quality dry food types have a high proportion of meat, are often even grain-free, and contain all the important vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Attention is paid to a high taurine content (usually 1000mg/kg) and certain minerals (e.g. magnesium) are not set too high.
If you pay attention to a sufficient intake of liquid, there is nothing to be said against such a diet. These types are declared as complete food, very tasty and digestible and with a very small daily amount (approx. 60 - 70g / 4kg cat) very inexpensive. This lining typically contains 10% moisture.

If the cat then drinks about the same amount of water per day, the average fluid content would be around 55%. For comparison: fresh muscle meat has a moisture content of 60-70%. Many manufacturers such as "Leonardo" now also offer high-quality "DRINKS". These have a high liquid content and can be given as a change from dry food or offered on their own, thus ensuring a normal and natural fluid balance.

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