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Belcando beef

Belcando beef

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Complete feed for dogs

The high-quality wet food for your dog. Available in many delicious varieties with ingredients that we naturally source from trustworthy farms. We don't use molded meat, but rather a chunky quality that is carefully cooked. Each menu is refined with selected ingredients and contains valuable safflower oil, which is rich in unsaturated fatty acids.

BELCANDO Super Premium dog food is made from the best natural products without the use of flavorings, colorings or preservatives.

production formations


-herz, -lunge, -pansen, -leber, -niere, -euter (63 %); Fleischbrühe vom
Rind (26,5 %); Kartoffeln (4 %); Erbsen (4 %); Chiasaat (1 %);
Eierschalen, getrocknet (0,5 %); Mineralstoffe (0,5 %); Distelöl (0,5 %)

Analytische Bestandteile

Protein 11,0 %; Fettgehalt 6,0 %; Rohasche 2,0 %; Rohfaser 0,4 %; Feuchtigkeit 79,0 %

Zusatzstoffe je KG

Ernährungsphysiologische Zusatzstoffe:

D3 200 I.E.; Vitamin E (als all-rac-alpha- Tocopherylacetat) 50 mg;
Mangan (als Mangan(II)-sulfat, Monohydrat) 2 mg; Zink (als Zinksulfat,
Monohydrat) 20 mg; Jod (als Kalziumjodat, wasserfrei) 0,2 mg


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In Deutschland hergestellt.

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