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Retorn fish with carrot

Retorn fish with carrot

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Complete feed for dogs

The high-quality wet food for your dog.

It consists exclusively of mackerel and carrots.

Retorn dog food is made from the best natural products without the use of flavorings, colorings or preservatives.

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Makrele 59%, Brühe, Karotten 7%

Analytische Bestandteile: Rohprotein 10%, Rohfett 14%, Rohasche 2%, Rohfasern 1%, Feuchtigkeit 81%, Calcium 0,35%, Phosphor 0,24%.

Zusatzstoffe (pro kg): Vitamin E 40 mg / kg, Zinkoxid 30 mg / kg, Calciumjodat 0,25 mg / kg, Mangansulfat 2 mg / kg.

Metabolisierbare Energie: 1090 kcal/Kg.


2 - 4 Tage


In Europa hergestellt.

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